Did Someone Break Into Your Car Window While You Were Sleeping? 4 Tips To Restore Everything To Order


The discovery that someone broke into your car while enjoying a good night's sleep is unsettling. Not only do you need to worry about what might have been stolen, but you are also faced with a potentially dangerous mess of broken glass. While you wait to file a police report, you need to take these steps to address the situation. 1. Take Pictures of the Damage Your first step is to document the damage that the vandal created.

26 November 2019

4 Auto Glass Safety Tips To Make Your Car Safer And More Enjoyable To Drive


Driving is less enjoyable if you do not have the right glass or there is damage. This may be due to glare from the winter sun or a small crack that is distracting when you drive. These problems are not only annoying, but they can also affect the safety of your car. The following tips will help make your car safer and more enjoyable to drive: 1. Legal Ways to Reduce Glare with Windshield Tinting

2 April 2019

The 411 On Window Pitting


If a large rock or piece of debris hits your windshield, the glass will most likely crack and possibly shatter. While this is a definite sign your windshield needs to be replaced, minor, less noticeable issues should also be a cause for concern. Pitting is a common problem that most people do not realize can be a serious issue for their vehicle's glass. This guide will explain the causes, dangers, and options for repair pitting in the windshield.

4 January 2019