Getting Your Auto Glass Repaired

When a pop bottle flew off of a freeway overpass and smashed into my car window, I knew that I had a problem. I was already late to work, and I had no idea how I was going to have time to get the damage repaired. Fortunately, a friend of mine told me about a place that offered mobile windshield repair. They came out the same day, worked on my car, and replaced the window--all while I sat at my desk and helped clients. It was really amazing to have their help, and I couldn't have done it without them. This blog is all about mobile windshield repair.

Do-It-Yourself Windshield Chip Repair Mistakes


These days, it seems you can do just about anything on your own, including repairing your windshield. Between do-it-yourself kits you can purchase at auto stores and online tutorials, there are plenty of options out there. However, just because these aides are available, it doesn't necessarily mean you should be taking advantage of them. Without the oversight of a professional, there are several damaging mistakes you can make.  

Underestimating Damages

One of the more common issues do-it-yourself efforts present is an underestimation of damage. This is true because there are many factors that influence the level of damage from a rock chip. The angle at which the rock hit the window, the temperature outside when the glass was damaged, and how long you drove around with the glass damaged can all increase the level of damage.

These details are so important because, in some instances, the chip might be beyond repair. You might waste your efforts repairing the glass for it only to fail a short period later. Only a professional can examine the damage and tell you if a repair or replacement is the best solution.

Lack Of Protection

There is only a small level of damage from the chip. You take your time and repair the damage on your own. Time goes by and the repair you made failed. Given this scenario, you will probably find yourself without two important forms of protection: a warranty and insurance coverage.

First, these do-it-yourself methods don't come with a warranty contract that you can rely on in the event of repeat damage. Second, you may waive your right to have the damaged covered if it is discovered that your poor repair efforts contributed to the damage. In the end, you will only end up paying more money. The better solution is to allow a professional to complete the repair.

Using The Wrong Tools

If you aren't using the right tools to complete the repair, you could end up only intensifying the level of damage to the glass. Generally, DIY kits come with cheap, low-quality tools. In terms of the alignment tools, poor suction can make it more challenging to pinpoint the area of damage, increasing the likelihood of a failed repair.

Some of these tools can also increase the risk of further damage to the glass, including scratching the surface. Professionals don't just have greater skills; they also have high-quality tools that provide a more accurate repair.

If your glass is damaged, don't overlook the skill of a professional. A professional will repair and protect your glass. Visit websites like to learn more.


15 February 2017