Getting Your Auto Glass Repaired

When a pop bottle flew off of a freeway overpass and smashed into my car window, I knew that I had a problem. I was already late to work, and I had no idea how I was going to have time to get the damage repaired. Fortunately, a friend of mine told me about a place that offered mobile windshield repair. They came out the same day, worked on my car, and replaced the window--all while I sat at my desk and helped clients. It was really amazing to have their help, and I couldn't have done it without them. This blog is all about mobile windshield repair.

Stay Safe By Repairing That Chipped Or Cracked Windshield Quickly


A rock hits your windshield while driving home from work. If not repaired soon, that rock chip can easily turn into a crack across the entire windshield. A cracked windshield that obscures your vision is unsafe and you can get a ticket in many cities for having a crack in front of the driver. A rock chip is easy to have repaired and with mobile auto glass installation services available, you can have a cracked windshield replaced in your own driveway or workplace parking lot.

Rock Chip Repair

Fixing a rock chip in the windshield takes just a few minutes, so you can have it done on the way to work. Some insurance companies will cover the cost of a rock chip repair to prevent them from paying for a replacement windshield, should the chip turn into a crack. Here are the typical steps in a rock chip repair:

  1. Dirt and grit that has collected in the rock chip is cleaned out thoroughly to get a better seal with the filler material.
  2. A clear polymer is pumped into the chip, making sure it fills all of the cracks extending out from the central hole.
  3. The polymer is smoothed to be flush with the windshield surface so the wiper blades won't rub against the filler material.
  4. The repair is then polished so it is as clear as the surrounding glass.

A small rock chip repair may be imperceptible when completed.

Cracked Windshield Replacement

If your car can be safely driven, you can take it to an auto glass specialist to replace the windshield. For convenience, or if the crack is in the way of driving your car, you can have a mobile glass technician come to you to do the replacement. In either case, the same procedure is used to replace your windshield:

  1. The rubber strip around the windshield is removed.
  2. The urethane seal that holds the glass in place is cut from around the windshield.
  3. If possible, the windshield is removed in one piece to prevent glass fragments from landing in the car.
  4. The old seal is removed and the inside edge of the windshield opening is cleaned carefully so the new sealer will adhere to the car.
  5. A strip of new urethane sealer is placed in the opening and the new windshield is placed on the bead of sealer.
  6. The windshield is tapped gently to sit securely in the sealer.
  7. The rubber strip is replaced around the windshield.
  8. The technician finishes by vacuuming any glass fragments from inside of the car.

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17 December 2015